Thompson Block Partners, LLC

We are currently seeking interested parties to invest with us in Thompson Block Partners, LLC a unique real estate investment company that we created in 2012 to re-develop the historic Thompson Block and neighboring property in Ypsilanti’s Depot Town. We plan to raise $1,000,000 in equity for the project by selling 100 shares valued at $10,000 per share and would like to invite you to participate by buying a minimum of 1 share.

The Thompson Block Redevelopment Project will transform the building located at 400 N. River into Ypsilanti’s premier residential address with 16 luxury lofts on the 2nd and 3rd floors, up to 14,000sf of commercial space, and 26 parking spaces. The building was originally constructed in 1861 and served as a barracks during the Civil War in 1862. The building is also recognized as Ypsilanti’s first fire station, Ypsilanti’s first locations to sell bicycles, and Ypsilanti’s first car dealership. Our project will preserve this building for future generations to enjoy and will allow the bustling commerce that the building is so well known for to return to the corner of River and Cross.

Thompson Block Partners plans to achieve its objective of higher than average rates of return through a combination of increases in property value, rental income, and the use of historic and/or other tax credits. We also plan to enhance long term investor income and property value by “selling” credits to third parties, and other tax, property management, and marketing strategies.

The Company’s affiliation with JC Beal Construction Inc., Beal Properties LLC, and Howard Hanna Real Estate Services Inc. provides it with special expertise in areas that will both enhance value and reduce the risk normally associated with such projects. In addition, the affairs of Thompson Block Partners, LLC will be carefully managed by an investment board whose members have a strong history in successful investment management and real estate development.

For further information on this unique opportunity please email Stewart Beal at sbeal@thompsonblock.com with your expression of interest.